this is pretty explanatory as you can see by my title i will explain how Macbeth’s deteriorating state of mind and how Shakespeare shows this by using things like dramatic devices , metaphors

Macbeth has different feelings within him for example Macbeth has feelings of guilt when he was planning to kill duncan thesr are some of the things he had said showing how good duncan is and how bad he is  There also is a other example of macbeths confused feelings for example arfter he had killed […]

  “The UN should of the people of rwanda because if they are peace keepers then they should keep the peace in rwanda because saying they shouldnt join a war because to much problems happen then thats bassically saying if someone is getting beat up the police should seat back and watch as the people […]

The director uses cinematographic to create tension by manipulating things such as the music, camera angles and shots and settings there is more things but for now I will keep it at this in my essay I will explain the effects such as sound , settings and many others. MUSIC The director uses music in […]

The director in this scene shows what Paul is point of view is over all the dead Tutsi bodies. In my opinion it shows the horror of the hutu and also shows the that no one tried to at least move they’re bodies. I think the director wanted us to see and try to feel […]

In animal farm there are lots of main characters that resemble people from the Russian revolution for example old major a animal that had dies passing on the farm to his two disciples, he resembles two people  Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, the fathers of Communism. His sons Napoleon and Snowball also resemble people from the Russian revolution Napoleon […]

Napoleon represents Stalin a man that lead the soviet union. As for snowball he

CHILD VS NOW Home OUTLINE When i was a kid at first everything in the house seemed big and hard to do things around to help. As a kid i had my advantages for example getting everything handed to me which I had to grow out of.                 […]

In this writing i will explain how Shakespeare uses fate in his play Romeo and Juliet i will give three different sources that he uses to show the presence of fate. The question i will be answering is how does William Shakespeare explore the idea of fate in his play Romeo and Juliet? In the […]

in this scene Paris and his page got to visit Juliet in the tomb of capulets but on his way was  Romeo and Balthasar  on there way so Romeo can rest in peace with Juliet and be with her one more time. Romeo has came to see Juliet but Paris had stepped up to Romeo […]